First Gazpacho of the Season! And Guacamole

1st Gazpacho of the Season! Gazpacho at our house is kind of a big deal. I only make it when it’s over 75 degrees outside, so when we lived in Germany the past few years it was not as common an occurrence as I expect it will be here in Georgia! This picture of my husband and our upstairs neighbors in Germany was taken about a month before my daughter was born, on the first “summer” day of the year, almost exactly two years ago!

Gazpacho is a raw meal so it’s perfect for hot days. I like to top it with chunks of avocado and a drizzle of nice olive oil, and eat it with a nice soft loaf of bread for dipping. Avocados were on sale at Aldi this week so I’m giving you my recipe for guacamole as well!

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