Adventures in Plant-based Eating…

…with a toddler in tow.

After watching the documentary “Forks over Knives”, my husband and I decided we should change our diet and start doing something good for our bodies and for the planet. While the documentary encourages a completely Vegan lifestyle, we’re starting a bit slower; in March 2013 we stopped cooking meat in the house except for the rare fresh-caught fish my husband brings home, and I bake with eggs from a friend’s chickens. We have almost eliminated dairy as well, and I’ve been treating cheese like I treat chocolate: only buy the good stuff, eat a tiny bit as a treat, make it last. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how easy it’s been to almost completely give up meat and cheese! It also feels great to be “shopping the edges”, buying local, and being able to avoid whole sections of the supermarket.

I started posting about our changes and all the new recipes I was trying on facebook, and my friends had so many comments and questions about our budget, our diet, our reasoning, etc that I thought I should put it all together in a blog!

I hope by sharing our journey I can help others who are interested in changing how they eat as well.


3 thoughts on “Adventures in Plant-based Eating…

  1. Hi there! I’m so glad I found your blog – I’m on a plant-based diet too. What got me started down this path was a healthy cooking class I took at Whole Foods Market. My husband came with me to the class and it convinced us to go 80% plant-based. Then we read ‘The Engine 2 Diet’ and watched ‘Forks Over Knives’ and we decided to go for it 100%. We’ve been following the diet for a year now, and it’s really changed our lives. We look and feel so much better than we did before. I won’t lie, it was a challenge at first but it got easier as time went on. I look forward to more of your posts and getting to know you better. Celeste:)

    • Thanks so much for your comment, Celeste! My husband is pickier than I am so it’s hard sometimes to find healthy things he would like to eat for lunches, etc, but even he is getting better about salads and beans, for instance. I think he cheats on the diet more than I do though, which is tough since he’s the one who needs to lower his cholesterol!

      • Your husband might get better with the diet as time goes on. I cheated A LOT when my husband and I first started the diet. It took several months before I was really following the diet consistently. I don’t know if your hubby would be open to this, but what really helped me to stick to it was watching movies like ‘Forks Over Knives’ regularly for the first few months. It’s kind of boring to watch a lot of plant-based movies, but the payoff is big – it really does get you to think twice about what you’re eating. And even if your husband isn’t perfect with the diet, I’m sure it’s still helping him. Celeste:)

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